Hail, hail the Alabama Gang’s all here

Donnie, Bobby and Red Farmer won hundreds of races at short tracks across the southeast in the early 1960s and were so dominating that they often swept all the prize-paying positions to boot. Here they are shown before a race at Bristol in 1961.

Still going strong

Donnie, Bobby and Red are still very active in racing. Donnie helps his sons run the Allison Legacy Racing Series, advises his grandsons Justin Allison and Taylor Stricklin on their racing careers and makes frequent book signing and public appearances across the country. Bobby is also a published author and makes numerous race-related book signing and public appearances. And amazingly, even though he's in his 80s, Red still races on a regular basis on the dirt at the Talladega Short Track just down the road from the Talladega Superspeedway.

Donnie, Bobby and Red Farmer