Daytona Qualifier 1Daytona International SpeedwayDaytona, Fla. Feb. 24, 1967Robert Harper0566 Chevy122029 of 40$100
Daytona 500Daytona International SpeedwayDaytona, Fla. Feb. 26, 1967Robert Harper0566 Chevy4411188 of 200$3,350
Southeastern 500Bristol International RacewayBristol, Tenn.March 19, 1967Robert Harper0567 Chevy167472 of 500$725
Atlanta 500Atlanta International RacewayAtlanta, Ga.Apr. 2, 1967Robert Harper0566 Chevy2012322 of 334$725
Virginia 500Martinsville SpeedwayMartinsville, Va.Apr. 23, 1967Robert Harper0566 Chevy1019271 of 500$355
Rebel 400Darlington RacewayDarlington, S.C.May 13, 1967J.D. Bracken265 Chevy152722 of 291$550
Beltsville 200Beltsville SpeedwayBeltsville, Mary.May 19, 1967J.D. Bracken265 Chevy44198 of 200$300
Tidewater 250Langley SpeedwayHampton, Va.May 20, 1967J.D. Bracken265 Chevy35230 of 250$275
World 600Charlotte Motor SpeedwayCharlotte, N.C.May 28, 1967Jon Thome1267 Dodge1326305 of 400$1,300
Ashville 300New Ashville SpeedwayAshville, N.C.June 2, 1967J.D. Bracken266 Chevy32300 of 300$600
East Tennessee 200Smokey Mountain RacewayMaryville, Tenn.June 8, 1967J.D. Bracken265 Chevy415133 of 200$100
Birmingham 100Birmingham International RacewayBirmingham, Ala.June 10, 1967J.D. Bracken265 Chevy61513 of 160$100
200-lapperMontgomery SpeedwayMontgomery, Ala.June 27, 1967J.D. Bracken265 Chevy41914 of 200$100
Firecracker 400Daytona International SpeedwayDaytona, Fla. July 4, 1967Jon Thome1267 Ford1610155 of 160$1,025
Volunteer 500Bristol International RacewayBristol, Tenn.July 23, 1967Jon Thome1266 Chevy925158 of 500$295
Dixie 500Atlanta International RacewayAtlanta, Ga.Aug. 6, 1967Jon Thome1267 Ford134323 of 334$2,550
Southern 500Darlington RacewayDarlington, S.C.Sept. 4, 1967Jon Thome1267 Ford67350 of 364$1,650
Old Dominion 500Martinsville SpeedwayMartinsville, Va.Sept. 24, 1967Jon Thome1267 Ford1024207 of 500$325
National 500Charlotte Motor SpeedwayCharlotte, N.C.Oct. 15, 1967Jon Thome1267 Ford1315284 of 334$1,325
American 500North Carolina Motor SpeedwayRockingham,, N.C.Oct. 29, 1967Jon Thome1267 Ford1325245 of 500$640
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